I’m James, the associate rector at St. Michael & All Angels, an Episcopal parish in the Diocese of Oregon which strives for God’s justice for the creation and all people, particularly for the immigrants of our city. I have special interests in depth psychology and insight meditation, and believe these fields have a lot to offer the practice of Christian faith. I chant. I preach. I post artful snaps of my lumber-clad PacNW life and SE hood on Instagram. I read an email nearly every day, and sometimes write them, too.

I love Jesus, and not just because it’s my job. I believe there is a pattern at the heart of all life, an image of God in which we’re made, an image which can be tarnished with neglect, egomania, and all kinds of ill will, and which appeared crystal clear in the person of Jesus, whom we know because of the radically compassionate things he did, the stories his friends told to honor him, and because the spirit he brought into the world lives on in those willing to receive it. As a priest, it’s my job to help you find, connect with, and feed on this spirit in your daily life. I love talking about this more than nearly anything else, so let’s get a tea sometime and chat more about it.

Much love & God’s peace,



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